12 Months

What Most Babies Do by This Age


  • Plays games with you, like pat-a-cake

Problem Solving

  • Puts something in a container, like a block in a cup
  • Looks for things he sees you hide, like a toy under a blanket

Language and Communication

  • Waves “bye-bye”
  • Calls a parent “mama” and “dada” or another special name
  • Understands “no” (pauses briefly or stops when you say it)


  • Pulls up to stand
  • Drinks from a cup without a lid, as you hold it
  • Picks things up between thumb and pointer finger, like small bits of food

Tips and Activities: What You Can Do for your 12 month old

As your baby’s first teacher, you can help his or her learning and brain development. Try these simple tips and activities in a safe way. Talk with your baby’s doctor and teachers if you have questions or for more ideas on how to help your baby’s development.

  • Teach your baby “wanted behaviors.” Show her what to do and use positive words or give her hugs and kisses when she does it. For example, if she pulls your pet’s tail, teach her how to pet gently and give her a hug when she does it.
  • Talk or sing to your baby about what you’re doing. For example, “Mommy is washing your hands” or sing, “This is the way we wash our hands.”
  • Build on what your baby tries to say. If he says “ta,” say “Yes, a truck,” or if he says “truck,” say “Yes, that’s a big, blue truck.

Developmental Milestones