How We Help Providers

Ventura County Providers: The Power of the Network

For young children to get the right interventions at the right time, families need reliable, equitable access to support services.

That’s where Help Me Grow comes in. Through our centralized access point, we connect families to the right resources, so their children can thrive.

One in four children under age 6 is at risk for developmental, behavioral, or social delays.1

Many young children with delays miss the window of opportunity for early identification and early intervention services.2,3

For Your Families

No-cost access to:

  • Parenting information and tips
  • Developmental screening
  • Community-based resources
  • Customized referrals to developmental services

We Help Providers Too!

Think of a network of community providers like a power grid. When the grid functions well, families plug-in to an organized flow of resources and easily access the ones they need. Help Me Grow Ventura County builds this resource grid by creating an interconnected system across service providers and supporting providers in developing their early identification protocols.

For Providers

No-cost assistance with:

  • Training on developmental screening tools and how to set up screening protocols
  • Information about child development and parenting tips
  • Support for linking families to community-based resources

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